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Port Harcourt Hash House Harriers is an Amateur Running Club based in Rivers State, in the South South of Nigeria.
We have a membership of runners who primarily reside in Port Harcourt. We are a very social group. Our members come from all walks of life, all age groups (21+) and all abilities of running from slow to fast. Our one and only goal is to have fun!

Here you will find everything you need to do a long and short run 3km to 8km trail through the great city of Port Harcourt’s streets. Afterwards we conduct an entertaining Ceremony known as ‘‘the circle’’ which is a good excuse to enjoy cold beer and some good laughs.

The objectives of the Hash is promote physical fitness among our members, get rid of weekend hangovers, acquire a good thirst and to satisfy it in beer and to persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel.

We meet regularly on a Friday evening at 6pm.Click on our Home page(section) of our site to find out where we will be running next Friday.

When we meet on Friday evening, a typical short run may be 3-5 km, whilst the longer run may be up to 8km or so. Obviously, we are restricted to running in the built up, street lit arears, but sometimes there will be a theme to explore other parts of the country and terrains that you would not normally even know existed. In all cases it is up to the individual as to how much they wish to put into their hashing.

We welcome anyone who wants to join the Port Harcourt Hash House Harriers! You don’t need any special equipment – a pair of good running shoes and T-shirt will suffice.

"We meet regularly on a Friday evening at 6pm.Click on our Home page(section) of our site to find out where we will be running next Friday."

History of PHH3

The Port Harcourt HHH, later to Port Harcourt Hash House Harriers (PHH3), first started running on Wednesday, 22nd June 1988. Bob Williams ‘Bad bastard’ has been credited with the founding father, the PHH3 is a great grand-daughter of the mother hash Miri-1 H3(MY 1963), Kunching H3(MY 1963),Singapore H3(SG 1962), Kuala Lumpur H3( MY 1938) Descendants :Bonny Hash and Phantom H3. As they run through bushes, jungles, swamps at I hour per run of a distance of 10 to 12 km in wimps trails, the schedule was always somewhat flexible, but the runs started to become increasingly irregular as Bob went on to run with the Cairo hash in the mid-1990s to 2000 giving birth to Phantom HHH.

The Phantom HHH started running on Sunday, 14th May 2000 at 15h30, Linagae Port -Harcourt H3 (NG 1986) Miri-1 H3(MY 1963), Kunching H3(MY 1963),Singapore H3(SG 1962), Kuala Lumpur H3( MY 1938)  , founder was Geoff’ Jam Rag’ Lill from the mother hash Port Harcourt and co-founder Ton (clog frog), van Dijk and Steve Chadwick (flasher), as they usually meet in Shell RA club car park running through Bushes, swamp and plantations at a medium pace of 8 to 10 km.

Steve Chadwick (flasher) the co-founder of the Phantom Hash also started the Bonny HHH which was in Bonny Island, Rivers state. Bonny HHH from the mother Hash Warri Hash started running on Sunday 14th September 1997 fortnightly 16:00 long before the Phantom Hash, the Bonny HHH was a mixed hash of Nigerians, Expats, runners, walkers male and female. sometimes they do family hashes as they run through jungles, bushes swamps or shanty towns always flat at 5km easy pace to accommodate everyone.

Port Harcourt Hash house resurrected back as Steve Chadwick become the Gm from 2002 to 2012, the insecurity in Niger delta region affected the Kernels (PHH3, Bonny HHH and Phantom H3) that was predominately ran by expatriates in the state. Earlier history of the kernels see the Phantom hash being the family hash running on Sundays with tan adopted bush run pattern and the PHH3 a street run hash which eventually became more in 2006 to 2011 which made the hash to meet a few times in his compound in Rumuola and sometimes in Shell RA then finally he left in 2012 but the hash was handed over to Sex Sandwich who stopped running – presumably due to lack of interest. When the Hash was restarted, As the Port Harcourt GRA H3,started running on Monday 31st October 2005 unknown Hash mother and the founding father.

Gabriel ''Sporadic Cummer '' Dimowo Re started the run 555(assumed not inherited), held on 23rd January 2015, marked the start of regular weekly run and, in general, the weekly Hash after the spell of none hashing. The modern PHH3 adopted a street run style with chalk for markings mainly LH3 style, running every Wednesday by 0530hrs but changed to Friday to kick start the weekend hangover while venues within the city is announced by the hares/mismanagement through social medias. The kernel hash turnout has been highly consistent over the years in running ever since also has been a very mobile hash and has visited most of the events organized by other kernel in Nigeria. In recent past, other special events such as the centenary runs starting with the 1000th,700th,…,1000th,e.tc.,and various birthday \hashes, commencing with the 20th are celebrated with good turnouts of 45 or more , often helped by the addition of many overseas visitors. we also got some large local crowds for other specials such as 222,777 and 999 Runs.

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